Driving Aids

Driving aids provide the ultimate in independence for the mobility-impaired. It can mean the difference between a normal life and having to dependent on caregivers to do even the simplest errands.

Conval-Aid/Liftability’s experts will help you save time and money, and get the best possible solution for your unique needs.

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Sure Grip

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Designed and made in New Brunswick by Keith Howell, a quadriplegic since his teens, there’s a great variety of options to suit different needs. Howell makes both hand and foot controls for its Sure Grip line.

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Sure Grip Hand Controls and Driving Aids

Sure Grip introduced the "push rock" control (forward for brake, back for accelerator), and now has been endorsed by the National Equipment Mobility Dealers Association. Sure Grip controls don't require a lot of hand or arm strength.

There are multiple configurations and styles, for both right hands and left. See their website for all their full line of products.

SureGrip offers manual or electric AutoLock which locks out the accelerator function of your hand control, this will prevent the use of your hand control by untrained or unwanted users.

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Veigel mobility makes hand controls, foot controls, steering aids, transfer boards, extension controls for parking brakes, ignition controls, turn signals, and gear selectors.

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Hand Controls and Driving Aids

The 4220 Compact II provides a slim design to fit better in today's newer more compact vehicles. The unique push pull motion prevents simultaneous use of the gas and brake making it a good choice for older drivers and drivers with neural deficits.

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