Commercial Platform Lifts

Conval-Aid/Liftability will help you select from a wide variety of options for your commercial transport vehicle. Our friendly experts have many decades’ experience in matching your specific needs to right equipment.

We would be happy to save you time and money by guiding you to the right solution.

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Ricon by Wabec

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Ricon has been creating innovative wheelchair lifts and ramps for the commercial market since 1971.

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Commercial Lifts


These commercial platform lifts have extra safety features like taller gates and seat belts to prevent accidental roll off. Edges have better visibility to help guide users, and allows staff to efficiently load multiple wheelchair users while maintaining absolute safety.

Ricon is the gold standard for public paratransit, featuring industry-leading safety and ultimate durability with minimal maintenance required.

Many of these lines feature advantages like minimized blind spots, noise minimization features for quieter travel, and great warranty coverage.

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