Lifts Guide

Our 5,000 square foot stock room in Ottawa is packed with a wide range of accessibility lifts that can empower those with permanent injuries, long-term physical disabilities, or those undergoing rehabilitation. From chair lifts to transfer aids, including patient lifters, lift out chairs, and even stair lifts, we make shopping for lifts easy and convenient.

Lift devices offer increased independence in the home for those with physical disabilities. Here is a brief guide to the various types of lifts available on the market:

  • Stair lifts are chairs that travel up and down a staircase. These systems are not designed for use with wheelchairs; One popular brand we sell and service are the Bruno Stairglides
  • Patient lifts, Floor Lifts, and Ceiling Track Lifts use slings that are connected to a track mounted to the ceiling or a freestanding machine. These lifts essentially lift a patient from the bed to a chair and vice versa; Here is an example of a brand that we carry: Sunrise
  • Wheelchair Lifts and Porch Lifts are designed to enable those in wheelchairs to move between multiple levels in their homes; Here are some of the brands that we sell and service: Bruno; Serenity
  • Lift Chairs chairs are helpful for those in need of assistance when standing up from or lowering to a seated position. Usually electric, the seat of the lift chair rises and tilts forward. Here is our most popular brand that we sell and service: Pride Mobility;

There are numerous variables to consider when looking at lifts: size, height, weight, power source, etc. Conval-Aid’s friendly, experienced team can help you choose the right equipment that best suits your needs and circumstances. Our manufacturer-trained service technicians supply warranty service for every item we offer, to guarantee peace-of-mind. Visit our showroom or give us a call at 613-738-2721 for more information.